June 13, 2009 Jason

A Letter To My Son

You know…I was about to go to bed then I started thinking about a great friend who recently passed away. His only child, his son, was only months old when he suddenly passed away. I’m sure he would’ve had words of wisdom to tell his son before he died. But, he never got the chance. And even if he did, his son would’ve been too young to understand. So…with that thought, I said…”hey, why don’t I write a letter to my son…just in case.” So, I present to you a letter to my son (in which I’m sure I will revise later on).

Dear Son,

First of all, it’s been a privilege to not only be your father, but also your dad. When I first saw you enter this world, I said to myself, “how am I going to give him something that I never had?” I don’t blame your grandfather for not being there for me, and I’m sorry that he’s not available to be apart of your life. I remember once, my father told me that he didn’t want me to be like him. He wanted me to be better than him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a task. But…to alter what my father told me, I want to tell you…son, I don’t want you to be like me. And honestly, I don’t want you to be better than me either. I want you to be better than you. If you can master yourself, you can master anything. I know that you aren’t my property. You was sent here as a loan from God. My job is to expose the potential within you and give you direction.

As far as a spouse, the only advice I can give you is this…merge into her. Don’t go chasing women. Don’t let women chase you. You have an assignment on this earth to fulfill and as long as you are walking in the path of your purpose, she will merge, hence the concept of becoming one. Like I said…I can only give you advice, not commands. If you don’t know how a certain woman would fit into your life, use your mother as a ruler. I only have one more advice concerning women. Remember…and always remember son, all women are dimes, but some choose to be “centsless”, and that’s only because they don’t know their value. But, it’s not up to you to devalue them. Treat them all as queens. And always remember that friendships are the foundations to any relationship. Without that, longevity would be difficult.

This is my closing statement. Never make decisions while angry. Never let the current actions of a person dictate how you view them. Always look at the potential in them, then judge accordingly. Love is a verb. Love should be given without motive or expectancy of receiving love. Either love unconditionally or don’t love at all. Love wisdom and not money only. Most importantly, love yourself. Men give love. Women give respect. Men receives respect. Women receives love. Always remember that. Give a woman groceries, and she’ll make a meal. Give a woman a house and she’ll make it a home. Give a woman love, and she’ll give you respect. I respect you son. I love you son, and most importantly…I like you.

Your father

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