September 29, 2007 Jason

Food For Thought: Lust vs. Trust

Lust means “a passionate or overmastering desire or craving.”
Trust means “have confidence or faith in.”

Lust and trust. It’s like oil and water. Both deals with emotions, but one uses history, time and logic, and the other uses appetite and results. Before I break into my many analogies, I’m sure you’re wondering “what’s the deal with this topic?” Oddly enough, I was listening to a song by Lupe Fiasco (who is a devoted Muslim). For those who are wondering why I was listening to a Muslim…I wasn’t searching for a religion, I was searching for wisdom, and wisdom isn’t limited to just one religion. Wisdom is simply knowledge + understanding + application. I will touch on wisdom in a future topic. Remind me…ok? Anyway…Lupe’s song “Real” pretty much talks about how people are in search of something real, and will do things to accomplish the “real” feeling that is missing at that moment. In his first verse, he starts off saying, “Lust can sometimes override trust. And so that’s why she gave it up.

SIDENOTE: If you want to hear the song, go to my personal myspace page by CLICKING HERE.

So that main quote sparked this topic. Now…I know most people may think of a sexual situation, but lets consider a couple of scenarios here. Lets say that a man, who is 400 lbs, was told by his doctor that he needs to exercise and diet before he dies. Of course trust is going to automatically be there because:
1. He went to the doctor…the doctor didn’t come to the man.
2. The doctor has degrees that proves knowledge and understanding.
3. The doctor has probably seen this before and has treated someone like this, hence his application, which completes the tri-components of wisdom.
Given those three reasons, wouldn’t you feel confident in what the doctor is telling you? Doesn’t it produce logic to you? Trust normally produces logic and wisdom. That’s why you trust. Logic and wisdom normally comes from experience as well. But you know what? If the 400 lbs man was given a $1,000 gift card to his favorite restaurant, or if he was locked inside of a grocery store, do you think he’d be thinking about the doctor’s words of advice? Probably not.

Lust and trust both deals with experience. You can’t lust something you never had. You also can’t trust something you’ve never seen either…right? Hmmm…Why do people trust in God? Have we seen God before? How come people don’t lust for God? Because lust is only attracted to temporary “fixes.” Drugs, sex, food, money…all temporary fixes. Friends, family, advice, God…consistent.

Lust is a bandage. Trust is a cure. Lust is convenient. Trust takes work. Lust is the Dollar menu at McDonalds. Trust is the meal you don’t feel like cooking, but the meal that brings satisfaction to your belly and brings the family together. Lust is TV. Trust is a book. That show may not come on again, or you may not have electric, but you’ll always have a book. But hey…why read the book when you can see it on TV, right? Why slave over the stove when you got a microwave right there? Why finish school and get a good job when all I gotta do is sell drugs on the block? Why wait until marriage to have sex? I don’t need to trust anybody to have sex with them, right? Even if I did trust them, why marry them?

It’s funny how we know and have trust in certain things, but cop out to our cravings. Wouldn’t be easier if I read all of this on youtube and just posted the video instead? LOL!

Food for thought…just something to chew on.

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