August 15, 2011 Jason

How I Met My Wife (Part 1)

Shortly after the launch of this site, Ramond Walker (very good guy), wanted to know about the process and preparations of how I met my wife.

Did I know she was my wife? I think the only one who can put that limitation on a person is the person in love. I think God Himself appointing someone as your spouse before you can even agree, seems too limited of a task for God. At best, I think He gives suggestions according to the road (in life) you’re traveling. That’s just my opinion. To answer the question more directly, yes.

As contradicting as my answer may sound, it makes perfect sense to my opinion above. At the time, I wasn’t looking for a wife. (I guess God wanted to get me to that point…eh). But, I knew that I was exhausted from having casual relationships and made up in my mind that my next girlfriend would be my last. Then enters LaShona Nichole…

(to be continued…)

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