September 11, 2007 Jason

Food For Thought: Is God Tangible?

Is God tangible? How can God create plants before the Sun? Well, if any of those are questions in your head, then let me give you some answers. When I was in college, I studied art. I took a class called “Color In Design.” I remember one particular class when Dr. Halsmer from the Engineer/Physics department shared to our class about the concept of light. He was telling us about how color comes from light, and how Jesus is the Light. Then he was talking about dimensions and light together. That’s when revelation kicked in, and I was just bursting with knowledge.

First, Dr. Halsmer was talking about light, and if light hits a spectrum, then a rainbow, displaying all colors, will appear. Then he went into Genesis 1:3, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Then he proposed the question, “if God created plants and stuff in verse 11–12, and then He created the sun in verse 14 – 18, how could the plants survive without the sun?” Then he told us to hold on to that thought. Now the revelation begins!

Dr. Halsmer was talking about how fast light is. Light travels at the speed of 299,792,458 meters per second. Approximately 300 billion. Then he was talking about a book that he read (sorry, I forgot the name of the book). Dr. Halsmer said that in this book, a [secular] (not Christian) scientist believed that before the foundations of the earth, there were more than 3 dimensions. It made me think. The scientist believed that there were at least 10 dimensions. [NOTE: I said “at least”]. This could very well be true (i.e. M-Theory or String Theory). We are limited to time, but I never thought about dimensions. Then he gave an illustration.

If you lived in a 1 dimensional world, you would be next to 2 people:

If you lived in a 2 dimensional world, and you stand at every point, you would be next to 8 people:

So, in a 3 dimensional world, and you stand at every point, you would be next to 24 people, right? So if the points in the dimensions double every time, in a 10 dimensional world, you would be able to stand next to 10,240 people. That explains why God can reach so many people at once. God is not limited to our dimensions, plus you got to remember that I didn’t even mention that He travels faster than the speed of light. How? Ok, if light travels at 300 billion meters per second on a 3 dimensional world, and God, not being limited to our dimensions, is considered in the Bible as being “The Light of Lights” or “The Light of the World,” then that means that God is incredibly fast. Let’s imagine God in our little 3 dimensional world. If God is Light, and light travels at 300 billion meters per second, and there being at least 6 billion people on this earth…do the math! That means God can touch one person 50 billion times in a second (and that’s with God being limited to 3 dimensions).

God is so fast, that the future is too slow for Him. He has to come back and tell us about it. Amazing huh? Think about this next statement. Light moves so fast, that if we were able to slow it down, it would be visible to us. We would see all the little rays and components that make up light. Ok, now think about this. If God is the “Light of the World”, that means that God moves so fast, that if we were able to slow Him down, He would be visible and tangible to us. WHAT A REVELATION! Jesus is real ya’ll.

Now, that brings me back to the scientist and the Genesis creation passage. Dr. Halsmer said that in the original Hebrew text, the word “create” or “creation” means “to reveal.” And if that’s true, then that means the [secular] scientist knew something. The foundations of the earth were there. So if there were at least 10 dimensions, then that means that God had to “slow down” the earth into 3 dimensions for us to see it. That explains “the plant before the sun” thing. It was already there, but we had to see it. We are limited to time and dimensions. That means we have to see through our spiritual eyes to receive the promised blessings. When God said that I have already blessed you, or your car that you prayed for is already there, He means it. There is nothing new underneath the sun. We have to see it from our spiritual realm before it reaches our natural realm. Our spiritual man is not limited to time and dimensions, only our bodies. That also explains “a day is like a thousand years, and vice versa” thing. When Jesus was on the cross, and God turned His face, it was dark for a long time, but He only turned His face for like less than a split second.

Look at Satan. When he was kicked out of heaven unto the earth, he was kick out, not just out of heaven, but also out of infinite time and infinite dimensions. God kicked him to the earth, meaning that Satan is limited to time and 3 dimensions like us. That’s why Satan has no new tricks. Whatever we say or do, he has to rely on us. He is not powerful at all. There are so many revelations that can come out of this. This can prove an atheist wrong. This also proves that God is omnipresent. I encourage you to sit down and ponder on more revelations that can come out of this. Jesus said that he knew us before the foundations of the earth. Makes sense now, huh? The more dimensions added, the larger the object gets. No wonder God sees us like little specs, but can number the hair on our heads. No limitations with God, just us. Be blessed and if there are any questions, comments or concerns…feel free to respond.

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  1. JMurray

    “I AM” is a pure genius, just imaging it in my mind was sick seeing light slow down and the rays peeking out their faces revealing its mysteries. That’s cool, I can just imagine Him sitting on His throne like “Why are you amazed, I Am that I Am.”

  2. La Shona

    Dag! Am I married to Dr. Myles Munroe or what?? I knew you were deep, but I never knew you were THIS deep! I’m seriously speechless right now. That was like a WOW….in my head because I always questioned….well, God, how can you be two places at once? How is it that you can see everyone on earth at the same time? There were more questions, but you answered them! Thank you! [Love you baby, have a wonderful day!]

  3. Jay, I liked your article above, Is God Tangible and I believe that you might like to read what was revealed by God to me as to who He is and where He is.
    and also read the article that follows that, “Where is god”. It puts a slightly different “spin” on the idea.

    Also check out the “Vision of Crossing Over – Timeless Heaven”. It turns our that God, Heaven, and our Spirits exist and have always existed in a timeless “other dimension” or perhaps “parallel universe” which we call Heaven. I was told that “Heaven and the Spirit, like God are timeless”.

    I have a couple of websites, one on extraordianary visions and one inspired by that called quantumweird (plus another on homelessness). You will find them in the blog roll to the right of the article referenced. Oldtimer Speaks Out and Oldtimer’s Quantum Weirdness

    Over in the quantum weirdness site I explore some things about physics that were revealed to me in the visions, such as Does Time Exist? Virtually every item discussed in the quantum weird site was inspired by a word from God.

    Keep up the good news.

    Call me Oldtimer
    (after my homeless site by that name).

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