June 29, 2009 Jason

Jay Curtis – D.O.B. (Death of B.E.T.)

DISCLAIMER: In no way am I dissing black people, the purpose of BET, or black history. This is more like a team-leader speaking to his team. I refuse for the lack of excellence and substance to be ridiculed by other cultures without someone from the black community speaking up about this first.

UPDATE: Download The MP3


Artist: Jay Curtis
Song: D.O.B (Death of B.E.T.)

Only rapper to re-write history with a pen
No ID on the track let the story begin, begin, begin

[Verse 1]
This is anti BET, death to the whole thing,
This is for 106, this is for Spring Bling
This is Jay Curtis with a purpose, sing along
I’m bringing facts to this track, say I’m wrong
Wrong, forget politically correct
This will offend the political execs
Your shows will never better me
In fact, it makes me wanna go and commit felonies
Get your shows tooken
I may do it myself, without looking
I know we facing a recession
But the stuff y’all showing is going make it the great depression
All of y’all lack profession
Get some quality show, step it up fam
Homie, this here is violent
This is death of BET, moment of silence


[Verse 2]
This ain’t for Black Star Power
This is for showing College Hill for an hour
This is a plea to Obama…
… so he’d see that we keep losing our scholars
Stop this crap you’re supplying
The kid, the schools, everybody dying, no lying
You cats are lagging too much
Your excellence suck, we’re looking like sluts
I might call the cable guy today
To see if he could block y’all in any way
This ain’t for the general public
Blacks told me to kill y’all to keep it 1 hundred
This is for blacks in college
This is for black philanthropists and for doctors
Homie, this here is violent
This is death of BET, moment of silence


[Verse 3]
This might need a verse from Malcolm
I might send this to Dr. King’s grandson
Get somebody like TD Jakes to talk on this
Civil Rights again, let em all march on it
I might need Oprah to style on this
I just don’t need Gucci Mane to smile on this
If I’m complaining too much
Tell me why Bob Johnson gave the crew up
I know a few millionaires
Like Diddy and Run, their shows ain’t even there
BET plays in project hallways talking about how they be in the project all day
That sound stupid to me
If you got substance, you really need to prove it to me
Homie, this here is violent
This is death of BET, moment of silence

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  1. This is soooo on point. I get to the point where I am disgusted and walk out the room if BET awards or videos are on. This gut wrenching, I cannot stand it anymore feeling. I like TVone alot better because the quality of shows they broadcast. I so wish that media show all of who we really are and not feed into the hunger of stereotypes.

  2. East Saint

    i am so feeling it you expressing what I have been feeling for at least 5 years now. Thanks, I can so related.

    Semper Bless
    East Saint

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