September 21, 2007 Jason

Jay’s Parables: The Company – Households

A family is a company. God is the Founder. Jesus is the CEO and President. The Holy Spirit is the District Manager/Liaison. The husband/father is the store manager. The wife/mother is the supervisor. Children are the employees. If you notice, everyone starts off as employees [children]. The supervisors [wives/mothers] are suppose to train up the female employees [daughters] to be supervisors, and the store managers [husbands/fathers] are suppose to train up the male employees [sons] to be store managers. I’m sure you heard the saying, “it takes a man to raise a man.” The unfortunate outcome of today’s society is the simple fact that we have supervisors [mothers] training up potential store managers [sons/male employees]. We have supervisors [mothers] doing management [fathers] work, leaving very little room for supervision. That’s why kids are having premarital sex, doing drugs, etc. Because they’re not being supervised. Management supersedes supervision, so if a store manager is missing, a supervisor is forced to relinquish duties as a supervisor to fill in the vacancy of a store manager. Without a supervisor [wife/mother], the store [household] has destination without directions. Without a store manager [husband, father] the store [household] has directions with no destination. Without the Founder, CEO, and/or the District Manager [God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit], the purpose [vision, business plan] is unknown, making any destination unsafe. Sure, God can come into any position that’s vacant and occupy it, but it’s not necessarily good for the employees [children] to see any position vacant. God cannot physically be there. Employees [children] are not going to understand that. It leaves room for chaos in the company.

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