August 3, 2009 Jason

Musical Decision: A Sabbitical

I have officially begun my sabbatical from ALL music. During this time, I will NOT (proactively) listen to ANY music. In serious attempts, I have already given away ALL of my CDs (no Craig Lewis), and has taken off all mp3s on my iPhone. The sabbatical is 40 days minimum. Any music I hear will be the music I and/or TwoThree creates. Reason? Creative purposes only.

Possible, but not guaranteed pause in sabbatical: 9/11/09 – Jay-Z’s new album. Nevermind. 9/12/09 is the 40th day.

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  1. Man, it is late as all blankety-blank right now but i’m up for a second and I finally made it over to the new blog. First, I gotta tell you, I’m diggin’ the layout! Second, this sabbatical is interesting. Can’t imagine myself doing it but i’m curious to see how this all will play out for you. 40 whole days, hunh? *wipes brow*

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