September 15, 2009 Jason

My Musical Sabbatical: The Aftermath

Well, for those who didn’t know…I took a voluntary hiatus/sabbatical from (all) music. 40 days. How did I do? Well, let’s just say, a sabbatical like this is almost impossible to do in an American life. From grocery stores to the “on hold” music you hear when trying to pay a bill, it was like trying to run away from your shadow. I almost felt like I needed to go to Africa (or somewhere private) to get the full benefit of the sabbatical. Honestly, I learned very little during this whole process.

What I did learn was how selfish music can be. Not the instrumentation of it, because honestly, that’s on a decline nowadays. I’m talking about the concepts, messages, etc. Most of the songs seem self-centered. I took a sheet of paper and made two columns. One side was labeled, “Does this song make me wanna better myself?” The other side was labeled, “Does this song make me wanna better someone else?”  The first column had about 97% of the tally marks. Now, I’m not saying that self-empowering songs are bad, BUT I do believe that there need to be a lot more songs out there that motivates people to help others. “We Are The World” is a great example. “The Greatest Love of All” is another. “Turn My Swag On” is not a good example.

The influx of swag has been spoon-fed to me far too long and I’m getting audibly nauseous. People are musically malnourished, due to the lack of substance and conceptualization. Even in the area of production, no one is composing. It’s just a copy-and-paste type of deal. Everybody wants to make beats, but not sheet music. Everybody wants to be entertainers and not artists. It’s downright despicable. Music has been raped and molested far too long. We treat music like a cocaine transaction on the block. Why make great music, when I can make counterfeit music and get the same amount of money? Take it back to the basics. If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say it. Wishful thinking tho. People pay for ignorance, but in debt to knowledge.

Well, that’s what I got out of the sabbatical. I will most likely do it again in the future.



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  1. All I can say is AMEN to that one bro. I wish this was facebook and I could like this. Hmm, I know what I could do. Watch me…

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