June 13, 2009 Jason

My New Currency: Time

“People who are rich have an abundance of money, but people who are wealthy have an abundance of time.” (me)

I use to hear people say all the time (including myself) that “time is short,” or “I don’t have enough time.” Some have went on a limb to say, “time is not guaranteed.” It’s an unfortunate thing we have to deal with. The reason we don’t “have enough time” is due to the fact that we are too busy working (on something). “Time is short” because work is long.

Why do we work? Yes, to help others, but also to make money. I recently tried to get to the root of why I work. Yes, I can easily say, “to pay bills” or “to get things I want or need,” but in order for any of that to happen, I need money. Ok, so now…I somewhat know that if I work, I get money, right? And this is where a lot of us stop. Our main objective in life is to get money, right? Tryna get my papers, son! Stack guap…ebonically speaking.

See, recently…I realized that there has to be more to it than that. So I asked myself, “Why do I work for money?” Like serious, why am I trying so hard to get money? I mean, I haven’t had a vacation in 3 years, I haven’t been spending time with my family like I should, I haven’t had enough time to work on my dreams, I haven’t had enough time to…uh oh…hmmm. As you can see, a light bulb came on in my head in the form of an epiphany. So…let me get this straight. If I HAD enough money, I could afford time off. I could control my time and how it’s spent.

Think about it. If you have a 9-5 job, and you’re one of the fortunate ones who get the average 8 hours of sleep, then guess what? You are only given 33% of a day to work on your dreams. And truthfully, half of that (if not more) is spent on leisure time after a hard, stressful day at work. So that leaves you with an honest 16.5% per weekday to work on your dream. That translate to 4 hours per day. Now…is that good? Perhaps. That’s 20 hours per week, which is like a part-time job. But honestly…who has gotten rich of a part-time job? There’s no such thing as a part-time purpose.

Imagine if you could quadruple that amount of time per day if you actually didn’t have to work FOR somebody. Yes, I say quadruple because that 8 hours you spend at work would be yours, and if you’re doing something you love, you wouldn’t need 4 hours to “wind down” from stress/ and a hard day’s work until you go to bed, because the stress wouldn’t be there. So now your little 4 hours per day is now 16 hours per day (yes, 80 per week at the least).

Time is so much more important than money. It’s so important that employers pay employees by the hour (not talent…that’s why they have training classes). That’s why people PAY for a nice vacation. If you want to spend a week in the Bahamas, you need to WORK enough HOURS to get vacation time, and then PAY a hotel for the TIME you’re gonna be there. And not to mention your airfare to PAY the pilot and em, because they are taking TIME out of their lives to FLY you there.

Ok..still don’t believe that time is more important than money? Let your boss hand you some money for a project and you go over budget. You will get reprimanded or demoted. But keep coming to work late, and you will suddenly see a nice pink slip. Just about ALL rich people who have meetings, HATE for people to be late to them. Time is VALUABLE to them, not money. Time produces money…Money doesn’t produce time.

Bottom line: We should work towards time, and concentrate on accruing time. Don’t waste time. Utilize your time wisely and I guarantee, money will come out of nowhere.

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