July 12, 2011 Jason

My Story

*I left out the names of people and places involved in this story on purpose.


Well, well…where do I start? I guess I’ll start from my mindset as of 6/29/11. Since September of 2010 to the aforementioned date, excluding the time frame from 3/1/11 to 5/1/11, I had been unemployed for a sum of 8 months. Also during 6/29/11, I found myself in the family waiting room as my son received a biopsy procedure on his liver, which was enlarged. On top of that, I had recently made a stern decision about the future of my family. See, during my sum of 8 months of unemployment, I had applied to 44 jobs (39 of them being graphic design related). Like I stated earlier, I was briefly employed from 3/1/11 to 5/1/11, but that is a completely crazy and tangental story. Fast forward back to 6/29/11. There was a graphic design position opening at ORU (my alma mater). Since I had a great chance of possibly getting this job, I applied for it and intended for this job to be the absolute last job I apply for in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If I didn’t get the job, I would immediately start the job search and move my family to my home state of Virginia. If I did get the job, I would work there for a year, then move my family to my home state of Virginia. Anything that would alter that decision would be a…miracle.


Sometime in the late spring of 2010, I worked for my church as the Media Arts Director. Around this same time, my church was planning to implement a more technological way of doing background checks for volunteers. I mean, you don’t want any ol’ body working in the children’s ministry do you?

*Chris Hansen face*

Anyway, there was this company in town that is the industry leader in background check technology. So, a few of the department leaders had a training meeting at the company’s headquarters, and I was one of them. I was slightly confused to why I needed to go, being that I had a very small part in all of this, and I really didn’t feel like going. But…”something” (typically referenced as God, but most people like to say “something” for the sake of sounding overly-religious) told me to go, so I did.


So, I’m at this meeting, and I’m still like…why am I here? Then I said, if I felt compelled to come, then this is all happening for a reason. So I became open-minded. We met with the one of the top executives and the vice president of the company. We debriefed and then was led to the president and CEO’s office. The office was simply amazing. While everybody was talking to everybody else, I was paying attention to this office. Then I noticed an open bible on his desk. Around the same time, he began to give his testimony of how he had nothing and ended up owning at least 4 major companies. Then he mentioned that he attended my alma mater. I later saw his degree hanging up in the west part of his office. His testimony was so inspiring. As everyone continued to talk, I noticed, tucked away in a very small corner, almost out of public view, a stack of his business cards. I said to myself, “How many people do I know that actually has a business card of a CEO?” (Not a hood CEO, but a proven CEO…lol) So, I took one.

Later on that day, I decided to email this CEO and just thank him for taking time out to show us around and give his testimony. I also told him that his testimony was inspiring and also let him know that I attended the same college as him. I knew it was a shot-in-the-dark that he was going to ever read it, let alone reply. Well, I was right. He never replied to me…so I thought…

SIDENOTE #1 – He actually did send me a long replied email, but I never got it.


Anywho, due to downsizing in many churches, my church was affected, and my job was part of the downsizing. So, about a month after I became suddenly unemployed, I was running around town, dropping my resumes off to various companies. As I was driving, “something” (LOL, my sense of humor) told me to go to the CEO’s company and trust Me (God). It sounded crazy and I was like, he isn’t gonna remember me. But I went.

As I got entered the lobby, I asked for an application. So did three other people. As I’m filling out the application, one of the executives came out. According to the receptionist, he rarely come out of his office at this time. (Jason? Carpe diem. Carpe diem? Jason.) So, all I said was “excuse me sir.” He turned to me and immediately remember me, the quiet one who had nothing to do with the meeting. Then he proceeded to tell me that the CEO had been waiting for me to reply to his long email.



Then I told him that I was looking for a job and he (the Executive) asked for my resume. I gave him one and he hand delivered it to the CEO. Later the Executive came out and said that the CEO wanted to set up a meeting with me. I gave him a time, and then the time was postponed. The Executive gave me his cell phone number and told me to give him another time to meet later. He left and later on that day, I called. No answer. Left a message. A week later, I called. No answer. Left a message. The following week, the same thing. This fiasco went on for over two months.

At this point, I am mad as (the residence of Satan). One day, I was on facebook and I found the CEO and the Executive’s personal page. As I sent my friend request, I was hoping that at least the Executive would accept it so I could give him a piece of my mind! I was fixin to burn my screen with a very warm message to this guy. I felt so forgotten. At this point, it had been 5 months since I had a job. They both accepted my friend request, and as much as I wanted to let them know how I felt, “something” (lol) told me not to burn my bridge. Man, that was nothing but humility and wisdom speaking.


So after I left the hospital with my family, I sent my last update of my son’s status to everyone via facebook status and tweet. To my surprise, the CEO replied to my facebook status stating that he will be praying for my son. Since he responded, I quickly decided to send him an inbox message thanking him for his prayers and asked him to add my unemployment status to his prayers. Literally minutes later, he asked me if I could meet with him in the morning. I didn’t get too crunk because I went thru the whole setting-up-a-meeting fiasco for almost two months.


So the next day happened, and I showed up with expectation. While I was waiting in the lobby, I was greeted by the vice-president (and CEO’s wife) met me in the lobby and escorted me to the infamous office. As we sat there, she began to say that she was praying for my son and was concerned. Then she said that she basically studied me. She thoroughly viewed my facebook page, which was linked to my personal site, which was linked to my group’s website. This is why it is important to conduct yourself accordingly online. Everybody’s looking. Then she begin to mention a web designer position that just opened up and said that I seemed like a great fit.

*shocked face*

Then the CEO came in, and was asking about the status of my son. Then he basically went over the summary of our uncanny connection. He said every since the day that I sent him the email, he’s been holding me close to his heart and he typically don’t do that with many people. He said that he’s been praying for my family since that time (which is over a year span).

*shocked face*

Then he said that a couple of months ago, he was thinking about using me for some graphic work, but thought I was employed. He said he felt bad that we had lost that connection. Then he said when he saw my facebook status on my son, he felt for him and had to reply. When I sent him the inbox message, he was surprised and responded back quickly.

SIDENOTE #2 – Earlier that day, his web designer of 3 years broke the news to him that he accepted a job at Kenneth Copeland’s church. He was happy for him, but also was now facing a dilemma.


When I sent him the inbox message, he was surprised to know that I was unemployed and saw this as a divine connection, thus his quick reply to set up a meeting. I updated him on my current living conditions and my decision to move my family to Virginia, and he said whether this job is for me, or if he needed to find me a job here in Tulsa, or give me advice to move back home, that he was wiling to help in any possible way.

*shocked face*

The meeting ended up turning into a 3-hour meeting/interview. I ended up meeting department heads, taking a tour and everything.

SIDENOTE #3 – The CEO asked his very good friend if he knew me, because he knew that his very good friend went to my church, and ironically, he did know me. Not only that, he spoke well of me. The CEO said that his comments about me held weight being that they are very good friends.


So the meeting ended with them saying that they want me to come back tomorrow and shadow the guy who’s leaving so I can learn everything. Kind of like a working interview.

*shocked face*

SIDENOTE #4 – While the meeting was happening, the ORU job called me to set up an interview. HA!


Well, I just finished the working interview day, and yes…the job is extensive, but I feel confident I can do the job. They want me to come back Tuesday. HA! I feel like I 98% have the job. And if…no, sorry…WHEN I get this job, I will making the most I’ve ever made, and will be in Tulsa for at least another year. At least…


*selah*…this is coming from a guy who couldn’t afford to rent a movie from the RedBox machine.


Well…after 3 under-the-microscope working interview days, where I shadowed the guy that’s leaving, made several on-the-spot brochures, and an on-the-spot 8-page web report analysis of our 7 different competitors, as of today…7/7/11, I am officially employed! I am extremely happy, yet extremely focused on the responsibility at hand. This is the best salary I’ve ever had, so with new levels comes new disciplines and responsibilities. Thank you to all who prayed, cared, and/or even helped in any way, shape or form. If God can do this for me, He can do it for you as well. The key is…well, there’s no one key to be honest. As long as faith, perseverance, trust (in God), obedience (to God), and self-honesty are some of the main ingredients, God can perform a miracle at any moment in your life.

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