November 25, 2011 Jason

My Wedding Vows to My Wife


My Queen.
LaShona Nichole.
As you would know, I could have written a rhyme or a poem, or spoken word with flutes and finger snaps in the background, but that comes easy to me.
As nonchalant as I am, i refuse to declare these vows to you without effort.
Instead, I decree these vows to you in the form of a vision.
I envisioned myself without breath, without a pulse.
Physically weak with the blood of my body passing through in incorrect increments.
As I looked at my own body, I drew the conclusion that I was already dead, but yet I still managed to live.
With this paradox, I asked God, “What is keeping me alive?”
He said, “Purpose!”
I said, “God…why am I struggling for air?
Why is my heartbeat irregular?”
He said, “Because your heart and your lungs are lacking protection.”
The vision progressed into years.
I noticed that I tried to protect my heart and lungs with ribcages that didn’t fit, even though it felt good, and it seemed right.
Even though I seemed to look okay on the outside, my internal organs were getting damaged.
Heartbreak after heartbreak, I became exhausted.
Finally, coming to the end of myself, I cried out to God, and immediately, I was put to sleep.
When I woke up, I found myself here…with a new breath of life.
A new pulse.
A new protection.
Some people thought that I could breathe better.
Some believe that I went to sleep too soon, but it was purpose that kept me alive.
A purpose to build up generations.

And now that I have met the origin of many generations, the protection to my heart, I vow to provide you nourishment, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally.
I vow to keep this relationship fit, with spiritual exercises so we can survive the stretches of life.
I vow to run miles emotionally and romantically to keep the cardiovascular of our marriage at an ever increasing rate, so my lungs and heart, your ribcage, and the breath of God, will be under the same pulse.
I vow to keep my physical temple as healthy and as fit as possible, so we can eliminate the worst case scenarios of “till death do us part.”
I love you, because I love myself.
If I couldn’t love myself, how could I love you?
If I couldn’t love myself, and left my heart and lungs exposed, how could I trust God to send me a ribcage, just like He did Adam?
It makes sense because a trinity is being formed.
God, You and I, in that exact order.
I come last, so that we can become first.
It’s not gonna be an easy ride, but even though my heart or ribcage may get hit, we’re protected by the breastplate or righteousness.
This is my vision.
These are my vows.
Here is my life.

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