December 8, 2010 Jason

(Over) Sixteen – 12/7/10 – “What’s The Difference?”

Separated by blacks and whites/
leaders, they past the mic/
and entertain whether the facts are right/ (or not)
it ain’t even inspiration they going after/
it’s the money and the fame that’s the factor/
they’re into numbers, how many people in their following/
no time to pad their thoughts, they just speak off the dome/
or repeat the same topics, instead of spittin on their own/
nobody’s transparent, but their maybach is/
my bad, translucent, how could I be so stupid, right?/
they give us enough so we can feel alright/
for one moment, then tomorrow, we live our lives/
strugglin, just waiting for the next event/
so we buy the CDs, DVDs, with every cent/
meanwhile, the passionate mic holders are hidden/
in the shadows of the flashy spitters/ actually when its/
time for the true concepts to be exposed/
the mass say it’s too hard to juxtapose/
tho the truth is right, I can adjust to flashy/
cus flashy bandaids my issues, it backs me/
you ask me? when is hiphop gonna work?/
and I say…I was talking bout the church/
but if the shoe fits…you know the rest of that saying/
it’s funny how hiphop and religion is the same…dang/

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