November 10, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/10/10 – “Queen”

Pretty girl, pretty girl…let me get your name/
naw, let me start over. that was kinda lame/
Pretty girl, pretty girl…I’ma be honest/
I hope that my manners can compliment your outfit/
First off, take my jacket, for real…I mean it/
tho you’re blessed with chest, let this cover your cleavage/
a queen wear robes and is never exposed/
and those who lack clothes are mistaken for hoes/
that’s why I came quick, to save you from fake pimps/
they talk with their eyes and think with their ______ /
their other heads, in love with the booty…clowns/
the girls who entertain them fools, take off their crowns/
all girls are dimes, some choose to be “centsless”/
and all dudes are kings, some don’t take dominion/
but I’m saving a queen, thank me later, ok?/
You’re welcome. Oh, by the way…what’s your name?

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