November 12, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/11/10 – “Dreaming”

I’ve been hit! I’ve been hit/
I’m bleeding everywhere, call the ambulance quick/
Wrong place, wrong time, stray bullet hits my rib/
And I don’t know how much longer I’ma live/
If I would’ve took 12 seconds to say bye to my kids/
And kiss my wife before I left the crib/
Or took 10 seconds to tie my shoe laces/
Or picked the brown blazer instead of the blue blazer/
Or if the shooter would’ve stopped at the light for 30 seconds/
Or argued with the victim for one more second/
He probably would’ve missed me or I missed him/
Or I would’ve seen it coming, and ran from them/
But I didn’t. It didn’t pan out that way/
And now I must take my last breath today/
And now I can hear my baby screaming/
Wait a second…(whew)…I was only dreaming

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