November 12, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/12/10 – “The People”

I see the people, the people, the people/
in a world of need, ignoring them is evil/
Get off your steeple and help the people/
There’s a bigger picture, don’t look thru peepholes/
Go chase your dreams, go get cho bread/
But don’t miss the people with the broke legs/
Their chase is hopeless, faith is all dead/
Some can’t even dream because of no bed/
Our drive in life, dream chasers, got us running so far/
But we ain’t driving purpose with one-seater cars/
That means, not all but some folks are involved/
in your life, you need people, can’t gather it all/
for yourself. How are you gonna do the world a favor/
when you can’t even do the same for a neighbor?/
The mission field is the path that you drive on/
as well as the place you arrive on

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