November 14, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/13/10 – “Un-serious”

Forgot to get my flow on/ found something to wrote on/
I know it’s not right, it’s “write on”…go on/
The only cat on December 22nd/
2012, rockin a Mayan shirt, flexin/
I feel like Jordan, leaning on Pippen/
Sick with the phlegm-flow, tho I can’t stop spittin/
I can’t stop hittin/ y’all can’t stop missin/
I’m a murderer/ “oh, Jay’s kiddin”/
slayed the alphabets, now it’s “oh, Jay’s killin”/
can’t acquit him, just call him “Oh Jay Simpson”/
make em hit the deck like December’s initials/
Terminator flow, killin all Schwarz-e-n*ggaz/
Aight, I’m un-serious with the arrogant talk/
so don’t believe it and Facebook on your wall/ (lol)
just a simple 16 on the fly/
and since I’m fly, I guess the 16 is on I

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