November 14, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/14/10 – “Daddy’s Little Girls”

Long dresses, turtle necks and/
shoes with shoe laces, and no makeup/
That’s how my daughters will dress…I’m kiddin/
But let a little boy act up…I’ll kill em/
Gun tucked away for young rookies/
trying to hit on my girls, no cookies/
is what they get, hands off, no looking/
like Pac, “I ain’t a killa, but don’t push me/
in fact, if my daughters are reading this, I’m saying/
that 30 is the age that y’all can start dating/
I’ll make it 40, if you think that I’m playing/
Ok…I kid, but daddy is praying/
that y’all stay focus and do your best in school/
and I pray that y’all don’t grow breasts too soon/
I ain’t saying that y’all gotta live alone/
But y’all are queens, and homie’s gotta come to the throne

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