November 16, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/15/10 – “Self-Encouragement”

I hate failing, and now getting exhausted from trying/
but if I stop trying, then I’m a failure to somebody/
I’m sick and tired. I can’t handle it/
but strength is what you can “handle,” not what you “lift”/
and no matter where you’ve been, or where you’re at/
just know that your decisions has someone attached/
it’s just designed like that. People, you need them/
and even self-made people need folks to believe them/
What do I do when I feel overlooked?/
Look at myself, man-up and just push/
What do I do when I feel devalued and pissed?/
Perfect my craft until, all of a sudden, I’m missed/
Confidence says “push” but every door I approach/
seems to tell me to pull, but this is how it’s gonna go:/
When I see a door, I’m coming relentless/
and excel so much, that I’ll break it straight off the hinges

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