November 17, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/16/10 – “So Appalled”

I’m so appalled…at some but not all/
Christians who point at other people’s flaws/
Running ’round thinking that they called to be Pauls/
But for them to be Pauls then they had to be Sauls/
Gotta be small before you grow to be tall/
But microwave religion is the worst of them all/
Claiming everybody’s purpose is Jesus-sized, y’all/
don’t want a John the Baptist-sized purpose, naw/
but God is on point and ain’t passing the ball/
well at least not to y’all, y’all probably would hog/
Shoot every shot at a sinner who falls/
and send them to Hell like y’all making that call/
I’m so appalled…the nerve of some of y’all/
ignoring real life outside the 4 walls/
Before you go to Africa, on your missionary call/
make sure you befriend your black neighbor, Jamal

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