November 17, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/17/10 – “Explanation”

The lighting was slightly dim in the room/
The fluorescent bulbs were competing with the moon/
Closed the mini-blinds to separate the two/
Checked the thermostat cus the room felt cool/
kinda like a fountain drink, little ice/
turned it to 80 degrees ferinheight/
Got out the Composition notebook, with a broken pencil/
Replaced the pencil with a pen, then I began to/
write the lyrics held captive in my mind/
trying to escape, but got stuck at the pen, at the same time/
A blank look with a matching blank page/
Daydreaming, trying to figure out what I’ma say/
I wrote a bar that went way past the margin/
Crossed it out, and wrote the same line, just smaller/
Wrote in shapes until I made it all work/
and that’s how I came about writing this verse

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