November 19, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/19/10 – “The Truth Is”

THE TRUTH IS light and we are all roaches/
Working in the dark and afraid of exposure/
THE TRUTH IS grass and we are all weeds/
Covering it up just to take all the green/
THE TRUTH IS a sun ray and we are the clouds/
Covering it up just so they can see us now/
THE TRUTH IS paper and we are the pens/
It’s right there but we write over it again/
THE TRUTH IS right and we’re the ones left/
Doing good, but good isn’t a direction, we need help/
THE TRUTH IS black and we are the little white lie/
Trying to make gray the color of our lives/
THE TRUTH IS the rock and we are all birds on/
a telephone line that scrams when the rock’s thrown/
THE TRUTH IS attached to us and we’re in a battle/
trying to run, not realizing that THE TRUTH IS our shadow

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