November 22, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/21/10 – “Chivalry Is Back”

Emotions so stable, it could be a horse’s house/
Seabiscuit flow, yeah you heard it from the horse’s mouth/
So go ahead homie, pull them girls and them Porsches out/
as I bring back chivalry and go and pull the horses out/
full body armor, shield me from the physical/
Pull the sword out, just to cut thru the intentional/
lust that we all must battle with inside/
the results from the fight separates a girl from wife/
Lust comes thru the day, but most come thru the night/
With our full armor & sword, it must come thru the knight/
and that knight is you, and that choice is yours/
We can trust or let lust override that trust, or/
make a stand, as a man, or just fall into bed/
Either way, know that lust is coming for your head/
Take that however you want, from the start to the end/
Girlfriend. Chivalry adds the comma: Girl, friend

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