November 22, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/22/10 – “Revised Vows”

I promised you the world, but I gave you this/
But as long as the breath from my lungs exist/
I’ma backup my promises/
Even if I feed you so much jewels, you become diamond sick/
Ehh, throw the diamond, not talking Roc-a-fella/
I’m talking any car you want with the finest leather/
Or any place you wanna go, with the finest weather/
This season is almost over, you can trash the sweaters/
This cold world can’t affect us/
Said that “we won’t make it,” but only God can elect us/
and with strength as a couple, trials has let us/
look at obstacles as a sneeze…God bless us/
I know right now that the money’s tight/
But like ‘Ye said “wait til I get my money right”/
Money ain’t the answer, but it’s gloves to this fight/
so take my hand as we swing thru this thing, aight?

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    I need to do this. But on a different note. You know what i mean. Funny how promising everything looked when we stood at the altar, but how jaded we become over time. Good stuff Jay.

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