November 24, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/23/10 – “Life, Facebook”

I’m living like my life is a page on Facebook/
Instead of signing up, I am born, then raised. Look/
I know that life & social sites should never come to this/
Just like life, my screen name is my government/
And honestly, don’t “add me as a friend” real quick/
My friend list, that exist, can be counted on one fist/
To grow to be my friend, you can first send me a message/
If we cool, send your friend request again, I might accept it/
Don’t provoke me homie, and please don’t poke me/
No invites to my wall or face, you don’t know me/
I don’t play no games, take your Farmville and vanish/
I say what I feel, you don’t have to “like” my status/
My profile pic is my life’s ambition/
If you can’t see that, then my page should be hidden/
But I’ve never been hacked, and I could never fall off/
cus I’ma be real ’til the day that I log off

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