November 24, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/24/10 – “Love From A Faucet”

You can learn from anything in life, if you’re cautious/
You can learn how to love just by looking at a faucet/
See, a faucet gives water, but never look to receive/
It’s works for the greedy and works for those in need/
It doesn’t discriminate, even if it’s being used/
Turn it on or turn it off, it’s contingent on you/
Either way, it’s designed to bring forth water/
And people can tell when a faucet’s “out of order”/
And people can tell when you aren’t walking in love/
You’re designed to do so, that’s what you’re made of/
People can turn you on or turn you off/
but you still contain love, if they miss it, it’s their fault/
Greed or hunger from the loneliness, love is still there/
It just gives unconditionally, so you shouldn’t care/
if you don’t get it back. Love is powerful, awesome/
You can learn how to love just by looking at a faucet

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