November 27, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/26/10 – “Black Friday”

Black Friday/ green money/
Goes together like sweet honey/
and bees starving/ they reap harvest/
and then sting somebody and lose all of it/
Look at the bees at the beehive malls/
turkeys still warm, but they gotta spend all/
Black Friday for a white Christmas/
Gray hairs from buying what’s on the wishlist/
Working overtime. Presents in the cart/
Gifts on Christmas/ junk by March/
Black Friday/ Cyber Monday/
www dot idonthavenomoney/
dot com/ log on/ use your debit cards/
Pay tithe to consumers/ even if your credit’s gone/
Sorry I didn’t get this 16 out in time/
I just couldn’t because I was stuck in a line

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