November 27, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/27/10 – “Leftovers”

This verse is for the leftovers/
and for anybody who feels like a leftover/
neglected, overlooked, but here’s what’s funny/
sooner or later, those folks are gonna be hungry/
then they/ will come back for their leftovers/
as I write these words from the left, over/
I’ll tell you, you’ll be hot, cus they will heat you up/
and you’ll have center stage, go head, eat it up/
First they will say their blessings/ then grab the dressing/
you’ll receive the blessings as you find yourself dressed in/
the finest linen, it may not look like it now/
but after they feast, they will come back around/
to the leftovers/ but it’s their loss/
cus leftovers and original meals are from the same cloth/
made at the same time, but just hold tight/
cus if you’re leftover, then soon they gonna bite

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