November 30, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/29/10 – “Don’t Try Nothing Stupid”

Don’t even try to do nothing stupid/
like have priorities and live life the the truest/
Don’t be an idiot, just take life for granted/
and when it comes to love, just lower your standards/
the less clothing, the more better/
I ain’t gotta be fly, all I need is cheddar/
Why should I apply myself in life?/
Why should I make one of these girls my wife?/
I think it’s dumb to be thinking ’bout the future/
I believe in living only in the past…that’s the truth cus/
no people in my life can only better me/
I wanna be a one-hit wonder, forget longevity/
Why dream? Why plan? All of that’s irrelevant/
I’m flirting with death, and I ain’t tryna stay celibate/
built for failure, man…I got the blueprint/
Don’t even try to do nothing stupid/

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