November 30, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/30/10 – “My Cigarettes”

I don’t smoke or drink, so tell me, how do I escape?/
what is my vice? how do I ease my pain?/
I can’t think of anything that I would be inhaling/
and I’d never lose to Gin or Brandy; Bristol Palin/
Look, life can be cold with no winter vest/
or it could be hot with some thicker sweats/
regardless of the weather in life, I ain’t bitter yet/
only lyrics rest on my mouth, not no cigarettes/
imagine me, puffing, smoke, smoke, cough/
eyes turning red, looking so, so off/
if smoking is your vice, you can go cope/
rapping is my cigarette, watch me blow smoke/
my lyrics heal, and can give you a second chance/
or can kill haters caught up in my second hand/
light it up, lips to lyrics, hangover/
never puffed the sticks but I am a chain smoker/

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