November 9, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 11/9/10 – “Mona Lisa”

Man…look at the poise on her face/
so relaxed as she stares at a certain place/
her imagery is battling with the landscape/
the landscape has lost and is now the back drape/
The garments she wore showed that she had class/
sophisticated, no cleavage in the path/
her neck lacked a necklace, yet she was majestic/
skin was so smooth, it was borderline angelic/
Her hair was chocolate, and flowed like silk/
straight from the part, but curly as it spilt/
from her head to her shoulders, hair net on top/
eye color to match her hair, eyebrows were not/
there, but her stare was so bold, she didn’t need them/
the smirk that she gave, was enough to feed them/
art lovers, who all flock to the museum/
to see Mona Lisa, di Vinci was a genius

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