December 11, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/10/10 – “Little Did I Know”

Here I sit, frustrated. Just tryna make it/
Looking at days go by and I hate it/
In the house, unemployed, time wasted/
The aroma of it is gettin close, I can taste it/
The mirror’s too big to look at. Can’t face it/
Don’t believe 2 plus 2 is 4. Too basic/
The sky is the limit, but I’m in the basement/
Wile E Coyote my dream that I’m chasing/
And I keep missing em, but I have patience/
One day in life, I’ma have placement/
Gotta stay positive and show dedication/
Quiet out my thoughts, sometimes meditation/
And writing these rhymes is like medication/
Success’ around the corner and that corner is adjacent/
to where I am now. I wonder why I feel amazing?/
Oh, little did I know, folks was praying for Jason

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