December 2, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/1/10 – “Limitations”

Man…I felt like an idiot/
staring at the sky, thinking that was the limit/
until I saw Apollo 13, and the moonwalk/
then I changed my limitations and my whole talk/
I was like man, I wanna go to outer space/
then an old man told me right to my face/
that “man can’t fly.” I believed the old buzzard/
till I went to science class and learned about the Wright brothers/
that’s two lies I could’ve took as medication/
designed for me to have chronic hesitations/
about life and all its limitations/
but thank God for a good education/
think outside of the box? what box?/
my mind is now an open door, no locks/
I came in this world as a boy and no pops/
now I got three of my own, who won’t stop

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