December 12, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/11/10 – “Stupid Swag Song”

My swag juice is drippin/
Another stupid verse about my swag, who’s trippin?/
You need a mop, a bucket and a rag/
Cus my swag juice is drippin. Gotta pick up my swag/
No need to turn my swag on, no switch/
I just hop up out the bed, it’s automatic/
Pretty boy swag only when it gets ugly/
Your boy got swag for days, trust me/
My swag got swag, and that’s pretty dang bad/
in a good way, meaning I got pretty bad swag/
this verse is atrocious, with swag overdoses/
I’ve done this on purpose, cus my swag is ferocious/
Sike, I just wanna make my point real clear/
That rap has been saying swag a lot this year/
So in 2011, let’s make a stand/
and officially make the word “swag” banned

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