December 3, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/2/10 – “Hard To Be Humble”

Please help your boy/ please help me Lord/
all they see are the windows and the front door/
They may see my outward humility/
But they don’t know that I battle with it inwardly/
Teach me humbleness when I have nothing/
So when I get something, I don’t have to start stuntin/
Sometimes I feel overlooked in every manner/
which forces me to make “I Told You So” banners/
cus when it all turns, and I get paid for what I’m rhyming on/
It’s hard to be humble when I’m stuntin on the jumbotron/
Let the haters be my flyers/ and my talents the event/
Let them do my advertisement without paying them a cent/
But, I don’t really wanna be like that tho/
I wanna be humble when I reach that plateau/
cus I already know that I’m gonna make it/
and I wanna be humble, and I don’t wanna fake it

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