December 4, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/3/10 – “Lovers and Friends”

I suggest that you should start with a lil conversation/
and let the friendship set the firm foundation/
because spittin game, all games come to an end/
but you can’t say the same when you’re talking about a friend/
atleast a true friend, with no motives or agendas/
cus all women are ‘dimes’, some just choose to be ‘cents’less (senseless)/
try going to a car dealership, look around/
see a car that you want, and go put money down/
sign the lease, get the title, then drive off in the car/
then the engine dies, and you ain’t even drive that far/
that’s how most cats go into relationships, blind/
you can look around, but please, test drive/
get to know the car, or girl, before you make a committment/
because “I love you” is more than a sentence/
yep, “I love you” means much more in the end/
when it’s coming, not just from your lover, but your friend

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