December 5, 2010 Jason

(Over) Sixteen – 12/4/10 – “Straight Spittin”

I’m the nicest/ life or lifeless/
with no mic devices/ I just write this/
my penmenship/ put me in this ship/
coasting over the sea of emcees, in this trip/
this rap thang is a breeze/ I rather kill all/
pull up my sleeves/ to see that I bear arms/
forget the booth/ see him fall back/
grab your ear and rap, just to spit it on wax/
hiphop has pled the 5th/ so long/ I wish/
I could take em to court, as I plead the 6th/
we got more models than role models/
no philosophers, just rap acts tryna yell holla/
we tell kids to go to college/
meanwhile athletes out of high school seem to get the dollars/
not to mention former or current drug dealers/
get rich too, while I got a bachelors right here/
off my soapbox, no tears, more inspired/
to become one of the greats 21st century writers/
let me dumb it down…c’mon snap with it/
c’mon snap with it, c’mon snap with it/
let me smarten it up, spit a poem that can help/
you hear intellect, and make you snap by yourself/
they should open up auditions for the bible/
and add the book of Jay, cus I spit like a disciple/
the hiphop mud has made you blind/
let me spit the unadulterated flow in your eyes/
well, that’s enough for today/ stay tuned/
or keep your hands up like its straight noon

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