December 6, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/5/10 – “Game Winning Shot”

I got 10 seconds, after the timeout/
inbound pass to me and I’m out/
dribbling the ball down the court 9 seconds/
8 seconds, 2 defenders trap me, 7/
seconds left, passed the ball, then I ran past half court/
the ball almost got stolen, because the pass was short/
but my teammate got it, and he almost shot it/
I’m screaming at him, “look, I got it!”/
He kicks it back to me. 2 seconds passed/
now 5 seconds is all that we had/
4 seconds left, I’m at the top of the key/
3 seconds left, so I shot a 3/
the release of the ball felt nice/
the most important shot of the night/
2 seconds, 1…everybody wondered/
till the shot went in, and I made it at the buzzer

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