December 7, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/6/10 – “Fears”

Maybe I’m trippin, but I’m scared of success/
Because with all the winning, comes all the stress/
People who rarely spoke to you, now talking you to death/
Profession is good, but home life is a mess/
Mad crazy hours, haven’t been home yet/
You start to see success as a regret/
But truthfully, I’m also scared of failure/
Just the thought of being stagnant can scare ya/
Paycheck to paycheck or unemployment/
No type of security or enjoyment/
Overlooked, devalued, unimportant/
Contemplate selling drugs or deployment/
But with failure, comes humility/
And with success, comes responsibility/
Gotta go thru both, just to have fulfillment/
So why am I scared? Man, I was built for this!

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