December 10, 2010 Jason

Sixteen – 12/9/10 – “For Cheap”

If I was you, I’d get me for cheap/
Cus when I blow up, your chances are deceased/
Don’t even try to make a new me, keep the receipt/
Don’t let my bank account determine if you should speak/
“Well he don’t have much. What good is he to me?”/
Say that a year from now and let’s see/
Vengeance is mine says the Lord, but I plead/
that you allow me to smirk, at least/
Yeah, it’s not humbling. True, I agree/
But all of the things I endured, plagues me/
Use to get talked about on the daily/
Now, I’m just underrated, spare me/
“Yeah he does graphics, but that’s about it.”/
“…a good dad and husband, but that’s about it.”/
“Oh yeah, he raps, but that’s about it.”/
Out of knowing Jay Curtis, that’s only a percent

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