November 19, 2015 Jason

The Cassette?

Yep…you read correctly. First of all, let me apologize for my lack of blogging.

(It’s been a long time…I should’na left you…without a blog post to step to…step to, step to, step to, step, step to, step to, *ficky ficky ficky*…)

Oh come on. You remember that Timbaland/Aaliyah joint, right? RIGHT? Ah forget it. Any who, The Cassette. If you follow me on social media, then I’m sure you have seen me post about this quite a bit. (If you’re a bit lost, here are some interview snippets):

So. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this one, but to be honest, I’m more excited to get this one out of the way. Why? Because, like I said in Part 1 of the interview (above), I feel like I’m going to a different place in my music. Metaphors are fun. Wordplay is great, but I want to use those as tools to help me add emotion, depth, and feeling to my music. I want to create timeless music. I want to start moving away from the mixtape scene and start to create actual albums with custom production.

So…why even come out with The Cassette, Jason? I’m glad you asked. The Cassette is actually a precursor of what’s to come. There are some tracks where it may sound like I have a chip on my shoulder, and well…I do. I rarely (if ever) expressed it, but I’ve had this chip since I started rapping. I’ve always felt like I was overlooked as a rapper. Now, I’m not demanding anyone to put me in their top 10, but I’m no slouch either. I think my demeanor and real life personality (which is introvert to the fullest) kinda put me in that unwanted position. But nevertheless, I’m proud to say that I’ve been actively doing hip hop music since 2000. So that chip…yeah, that’s me rapping my emotion.

Not the official cover.

Not the official cover.

The Cassette is necessary to my catalog because it’s the first mixtape where I’m just rapping. No spokesman for overlooked/under-appreciated people (Voice of the Voiceless Mixtape). No childhood history lesson (The 80s Mixtape). No current personal history lesson (Married With Children Free Album). Just me and a mic on this one. In my marketing, I’m presenting The Cassette as a product (kinda like Apple).

I can’t say that I’ve officially found my niche, but I’m very close now. That’s part of the reason why I do mixtapes. Once I get to the point where I feel like I found my niche, that’s when you’ll start to see albums.

I’ve actually been done with The Cassette since late October. I usually just record, mix, and release stuff, but I wanted to sit and perfect this one. At any rate, I’m done with this blog post. Be on the lookout for more interviews, single releases, videos, and of course, the mixtape itself.


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