July 9, 2011 Jason

The Definition of Me

Call me an artist, because that’s what I am, in every aspect of the word.  My goal is to capture and captivate the world with my mind, through bringing the thoughts, dreams, visions, wisdom, and knowledge into the visible atmosphere.  I am an artist of music, conversing with the world, prophesying, enlightening, or stimulating the minds with the lyrics that are forever embedded within me, hence, lyrically giving myself.  I musically compose melodic sounds that constantly play in the mysterious mind of mine.  I have free reign to arrange and exhale creativity, imitating my Creator.  And when my mind prohibits or prevents me from traveling down the lyrical or musical venue, I sketch the thoughts, and create a picture.  Whether it’s Photoshop or pencil, I attempt to empty out my brain, so my world, and the matrix can become one, and experience my pains, my agonies, my victories, my testimonies, and my life.  Sometimes, I dance or make people laugh.  I see that as art as well.  Sometimes, I just write.  It may not rhyme, or be in poetic form, but it’s still thoughts in my brain.  I believe that being a leader is an art, because you are constantly creating, and paving a way.  Only you, as an artist, know the end before the beginning.  An artist is a leader, a parent, a musician, a poet, an author, a sculptor, a painter, a sketcher, a minister, a dancer, a producer, a rapper, a singer, and many other elements.  Most people may get the privilege to become one of the elements, aspects, or gifts of an artist, but there are very few that possess the total package or concept of an artist.  So everyday, I strive to fulfill the calling and purpose of my life.  I accept the title of my call, my vision, and my destiny.  I am an artist, in every aspect of the word.  I live art.  I breathe art.  I sleep art.  I eat art.  I play art.  I perform art.  I compose art.  I do art.  I am art.  Call me an artist.

Jay Curtis.

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