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Food for Thought: The Fall of Man

Whassup my peoples? I found a lesson that I wrote back in the day (8/2/01). It’s on the Fall of Man. I literally broke down each verse in Genesis 3. Slight editing had to take place since I’ve gained more understanding since 2001. Enjoy…


The Fall of Man

Well, let us turn to Genesis 3. For many years, people have been taught the story of the fall of man. They say that Adam and Eve was “lolly-gagging” around in the garden of Eden, when Satan the snake came and told Eve that it was ok to eat from the tree. Then naïve Eve eats the apple, let Adam take a bite, and they found out they were naked, and God punished them. Ok, that’s about right, but what’s wrong with that story that we’ve been taught? Well, I’m gonna break it down for you.


Genesis 3:1. Ok…you have this subtle serpent. The Hebrew describes this serpent as a clever enchanter. An enchanter can basically talk you into anything. Was this serpent Satan? NO!!! For one, it was a snake, which is normally an animal. If that’s the case, then every snake is Satan. This snake was used by Satan, but it wasn’t Satan, because where Satan is, there is sin. No sin has occurred yet, therefore Satan is not the snake. Satan will use anything though. Now, back to Genesis 3:1. You have this clever snake. Ok. This snake was the cleverest animal of the fields. Satan was not a animal in the field, case and point. Ok. So you have this snake. Then the verse says, “And he said unto the woman….” NEWS FLASH!!! We have a talking snake ladies and gentlemen! Isn’t that kinda weird? Snakes aren’t suppose to talk. They should have picked up on it. Then the talking snake is gonna ask Eve did God really say that. The talking snake is questioning the words of God. Hmmmm.


Genesis 3:2. Now…you have this question presented by this unnaturally talking snake. “Did God really say that you can’t eat from every tree?” Now instead of asking God Himself or Adam, the man that has this constant relationship with God, she responds. This raises up 4 questions in my mind. One, where is this taking place at? Two, why is Eve carrying a conversation with a snake? Three, “Where is Adam?” And four, “Why isn’t Adam stopping this or better yet, why isn’t he talking to the snake? Ladies…I want you to go outside right now and go start a conversation with a snake. Go ahead. Do you see how foolish that is? If we have dominion over the animals, why carry a conversation over something we have dominion over? If it was me, Genesis 3 would not exist, especially Genesis 3:2. Genesis 3:2 is called “an unnecessary answer!”


Genesis 3:3. This verse is very very interesting. Look at Genesis 3:3 and then look at Genesis 2:17. Similar, but not the same. What’s the difference? Look carefully. Genesis 2:17 is what God told Adam. Genesis 3:3 is what Eve told the serpent. But notice that there are added words to what Eve said. She adds the location, and the word “touch”. In Genesis 2:17, did God said that if you “touch” the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that you would die? No. Eve was adding words in God’s mouth. For her to even know the location means that she’s been contemplating about this tree. For her to even say the word “touch” implies some type of fear. EXAMPLE: Your dad says, don’t open your present until Christmas. Then your brother comes down stairs and catches you staring at this box. He asks you “Did dad say that you can’t open the box.” Then you say, “No. I can’t even touch it.” Now, that comment shows that you are so mad at the fact that you can’t open it, that you automatically think that touching the box is bad too. What I’m saying is that Eve is a pretty mad sista. Keep that in mind. Now, this brings me to a question of my own. How is she quoting something God said to Adam? If you notice in Genesis 2:17, God is speaking to Adam, and get this, EVE WAS NOT EVEN CREATED YET!!! God doesn’t make Eve until Genesis 2:22. Things that make you go “hmmm”. That’s funny to me. She’s telling this snake something she ain’t even sure about. That’s how some Christians are.


Genesis 3:4. Right here, we have our first contradiction to God. How is this talking snake gonna say “You ain’t gonna die”? If God says something, then he means it. God is not a liar.


Genesis 3:5. This verse is trying to make God to be something that He’s not. If you notice, this talking snake haven’t taken a bite yet, but he can tell somebody else that it’s ok to eat of it. Then it says, “…ye shall be like gods…” There is only one God.


Genesis 3:6. Here we go. This is going to uncover a lot about the fall right here. Lets take the first part of the verse. “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and it was pleasant to the eyes…” Wait! When the woman “saw” that the tree? Well, that answered one of my previous questions, “Where is all of this taking place?” Right by the tree. That tells me that Eve was contemplating this tree. She was right by the tree when the snake came to her. The snake didn’t drag her to the tree. She was already there. Eve had it in her mind that she wanted a piece of this forbidden fruit, and you know that the mind is the devil’s playground. Ok. Now the next chunk of verse says, “and a tree to be desired to make one wise…” or NIV says, “and also desirable for gaining wisdom…” Basically, this chick wanted wisdom. I don’t blame her. She sure do need some wisdom, after carrying a conversation with a snake. The next part is the first disobedience to God. “…she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat…” First the conversation with this snake that shouldn’t be talking. Then she’s saying stuff that she isn’t sure of, meanwhile contemplating eating this fruit prior to this snake. I believe if that snake didn’t come along, Eve, to this very day, would probably still be staring at that fruit. She would want to, but be to scared to do it. So my reoccurring question is, “Where is Adam, and why isn’t he stopping the madness?” The last part of the verse answers that. “…and gave also unto her husband with her; and they did eat.” Oh my God!!! You mean to tell me that Adam was there the whole time? Well, it didn’t say that she “walked” to where Adam was and gave him the fruit. The coward was right there the whole time. They both were by the tree. All of this land that God gave them, and they had nothing else better to do than to look at this tree that they couldn’t eat of. Think about this. Adam didn’t say a word. He just let his wife carry a conversation with this snake. Fellas, would you let your ladies talk to a snake or would you try to kill it? Ok, Adam didn’t just let her talk to this snake, he let her misquote God. God was the one who told Adam, not Eve, about the tree, so Adam knew what was right and wrong. But you didn’t see Adam correct her, did you? Instead of Adam taking charge, he was sitting down like a coward, letting his wife get manipulated. Adam had time to redeem himself as a man and tell her, at least at the last minute to not eat the apple. But naw, what does he do? He not just let her eat the apple, he takes the apple himself and eat it too. She didn’t force-feed him. She didn’t seduce him. He did it on his own.


Genesis 3:7. They noticed that they were naked. Look at this from their prospective. As soon as they sinned, they noticed that they were different. So, to make them look the same again, they covered the parts that were different. Why else would it matter if they were naked? In eternity, they saw each other’s spirits, which looked the same. Then Adam saw her in flesh, but he fell in love with her spirit, therefore her flesh didn’t matter, as long as she was there. So when they sinned, the flesh was made visible over the spirit. I also noticed how in this verse, they sure did get talented and start designing clothes. (For all those clothes designers, it started back with Adam and Eve.)


Genesis 3:8. God talks, but for the first time, they hide from God. They knew that they were wrong. So why did they sin? Because for that moment, sin looked pretty good. That’s how many people get suckered into sin. I broke the word “sin” into an acronym: Satisfaction In the Natural. (Well Jay, food is a satisfaction to our natural bodies.) True, but food is also a necessity to our natural bodies too. Anything that has to deal with sin is not a necessity. We don’t need sin or satisfaction. We didn’t come to this earth to be satisfied. If you are satisfied with life, then there is no use or purpose to fulfill. Satisfaction means to fill. If we are filled, then there is nothing else to fulfill, meaning that we must die. Don’t get satisfied with life, until your purpose has been fulfilled. (sorry about that tangent).


Genesis 3:9. It’s funny to me that they are trying to hide, like God isn’t gonna see them. Then God, asks them (as if He doesn’t know), “Where are you Adam?” Notice, God is looking for Adam. I believe that even though God knew where Adam was, He was asking that for Adam’s sake. He was making Adam realize that he was trying to hide from the God that he had a strong relationship with before.


Genesis 3:10. Adam was scared and hid himself, like the coward he was. He also told God that he was naked. That’s something Adam shouldn’t have known. Now he has the knowledge of good and evil, hence fulfilling the name of the tree.


Genesis 3:11. God was asking him, who told you that you was naked. God knew that He didn’t tell him. I’m thinking that God was asking question because He was testing Adam to see if he actually had knowledge of good and evil.


Genesis 3:12. In this verse, Adam goes to blaming folks now. He directly blames Eve, and indirectly blames God for what he did. “…The woman that thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” Basically saying, “If you, God, didn’t give me this woman, I wouldn’t have sinned.” Adam didn’t lie, but he went to blaming.


Genesis 3:13. This is Eve’s first conversation with God. She says that the serpent tricked her, and she did eat. I believe that Eve told a half-truth. I think that Eve was encouraged rather than tricked. Notice, the blame is being put off to other people.

[SIDE NOTE: Now…I can’t really be mad at Eve talking to the snake, and Adam just standing there in a daze, because the snake was indeed evil, and the “knowledge” of good and evil didn’t exist in their lives until they ate the fruit. But at the same time, God’s voice should’ve been the only voice they listen to.]


Genesis 3:14. Question. Why didn’t God ask the serpent a question? One, the serpent didn’t eat of the tree. Two, Satan finished using this snake, therefore the snake couldn’t talk back anywayz. This is where God is enforcing punishment. God told the snake that it will have to crawl on its belly for now on and eat dust. So when the snake was talking to Eve, it was a walking, talking snake. So Eve was talking to a walking, talking snake. Isn’t that weird?


Genesis 3:15. “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman. And between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise thy heel.” Enmity means hatred. The snake will hate the woman, and vice versa. That way, there will be no more friendly conversations with a snake ever again. Theologians have taken the latter part of this verse, and called it symbolic to Jesus and Satan. “…it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise thy heel” saying that the bruising of the heel is the nail in Jesus’ heels, and the bruising of the head is the defeat of Satan in hell. Quite interesting.


Genesis 3:16. God is punishing Eve. God says that she is basically gonna hate giving birth, but her desire is gonna be to her husband, basically saying that even though her birthing experience is gonna be painful, she will have a desire (sex craving), and her sex craving shall only be to her husband, whom will have charge over her. Before then, they were equals, but now the relationship has a head. This is good news, because without Adam taking charge, he would still be this coward who would let his naïve wife wonder off and listen to walking, talking animals, and sin.


Genesis 3:17-19. God is punishing Adam and mankind. Because you listened to Eve, and totally forgot what I told you, and you seem to like to eat from the trees and ground, you can eat from the trees and ground all you want…for the rest of your life. Instead of sitting around, letting things come to you, you are gonna to go to it. You are gonna have to work! You’re gonna sweat, and since you were made by dirt, you will return the dirt back to the earth before you leave. You will surely die.


Genesis 3:20. Adam named his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all living. Before then, she wasn’t about to be mother of anything. It was just gonna be her, Adam, and God, but they had to sin, huh?


Genesis 3:21. God shows Adam and Eve how to make clothes. God gives Adam and Eve a “make-over.” In Genesis 3:7, they were making fig leaves suits. God was like “let me show you how it’s done.” He ended up making some skin coats.


Genesis 3:22-24. God is saying that Adam is like “us” (“us” meaning the heavenly hosts). Since Adam knows good and evil, God forbid and took away the tree of Life. Originally there were two specific trees, “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” and “the tree of life” (Genesis 2:9). The tree of Life is the opposite of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The good and evil tree brings death. The tree of life would make human immortal if they eat of it. So God kicked them out of the garden, made them work, and made sure that they didn’t try to eat from the tree of life, by casting big angels to guard the tree.


End of Chapter


Feel free to leave comments, or corrections. Peace!

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