August 27, 2014 Jason

The Foundation of Friendship Series: Part 1 – Beach Home Selfies

rental-homesHave you ever seen those beautiful beach homes? You know…the ones where grass is replaced by sand? And from the patio, you can hear the ocean tides give off a baritone-like sound and the seagulls joining this God-made choir with its soprano-like chirping? Beautiful, isn’t it? Well…you know what sucks? Hurricane season: heavy rain, strong winds, and unexpected floods. In those conditions, suddenly those beach homes are like newly trained soldiers on the frontline of a weather war, and so far, Mother Nature has a better record. Even when a hurricane alters its path and just grazes the area, beach homes still end up collapsing onto the sand below. Why? Pretty homes but weak foundations.

*drinks glass of water* …stay with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

These beach homes are built in areas where the weather, for the most part, is darn near perfect. When you see these homes, you just feel compelled to take out a second mortgage, just to have one. You are willing to spend a few grand just to rent one out for a few days. I, personally, had the privilege of spending a week in a beach home on the beautiful sands of San Diego. No alarm clock because the shore would just gradually wake you with it’s lioness sound. Pull back the curtain to the patio door, and instantly see the blue ocean of the Pacific give off it’s best impression of a mirror to the sun. I’m really trying to give you a glamorous picture here. Nope…no need for me to talk about the 30 to 40 pieces of wood that’s holding this house up. O_O

*takes another sip*

Listen…it’s obvious that I can go on and on about how beautiful this beach house is under the perfect condition. Just like I can go on and on about the countless relationships I see that look just as beautiful as those beach homes. Oh, and thanks to Facebook and Instagram, we can pose just right for the camera, add a filter, and post a complementary caption that reads “that’s my bae.” To the casual browser, especially if this said browser was single and depressed, that picture would be the envy of the social media timeline. Padded with “likes” already, that casual, depressed, single person now feels compelled to either hate or click “like” and feel even more depressed. Meanwhile, the aforementioned “bae” is done taking phony selfies and is about to go elsewhere because his girl is just…a boring selfie attic.

facebook-status-as-singleI deliberately overdid it with the imagery and explanation. Why? Because, for one, you’re a slave to a page in my [blog] book *all said in my Nas voice*…(just kidding). No, I seriously want you to see the underlying issue in majority of relationships. A lot of them, from afar, look amazing, but all it takes is the smallest thing, and suddenly, their Facebook relationship status changes back to single. I will explain why in the next article of this series.

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