January 5, 2015 Jason

The Misconception of Mondays


Here we are. The first Monday of the year. The first workday for most of us in 2015. Majority of the kids returned back to school. Most businesses are trying to kick off the new year in high gear. Here’s the thing tho…it’s STILL a Monday.

First of all, Monday sounds like “Mundane” (which means lacking interest or excitement). And why should Mondays be exciting?

Secondly, it interrupts our weekends! How dare Monday! Coming along, interrupting my Sunday nap! The nerve!

Another reason, I personally use to HATE Mondays because I had to drag myself into work. It was lame until I had to endure almost a collective 2 years of unemployment in a 4 year span. When you’re unemployed (and actually want a job), there is no Monday. It’s “Unemployment Day”…everyday.


Praise da Lawd I have a job now. Having a steady job after that experience made me fall in love with Mondays. Ok…”love” is a strong word. I “appreciate” it now. Monday is like the morning of your week. If your morning suck, it will have a domino effect. So if your Monday is lame, it’s gonna be an uphill battle to have a great week. Approach Monday like breakfast. A good breakfast goes a long way.

Your outlook on Monday can make your whole week the best or worst week of your life.

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